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    Locations for Dogged


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    Locations for Dogged Empty Locations for Dogged

    Post  Brian on Sat Oct 24 2009, 01:43

    Okay, here is the rundown for locations.

    Coffee Shop = Alias
    Comedy Club = Hijinx (Yes Jen is hooking this up!)
    Music Venue = Bouquet
    Living Room = Danielle's
    Street Litter = Boy's & Girl's Club Park
    Alley = Freak Alley (Yes Max is cool with door and power)
    Street Lady = Tully's
    Street Beggar = PF Chang's or Bouquet
    Big Bro HQ = Big Broter's and Sisters HQ

    Which leaves the Dance fight scene at the escalators. Zach has the number of the management but has not gotten a hold of them yet. Suspect

    So close to being done. Zach and I need to get some photos of the locations for storyboarding. And we will be set to shoot. We are on schedule my friends.

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    Locations for Dogged Empty Re: Locations for Dogged

    Post  FocusX on Sun Oct 25 2009, 07:11

    I'll get on it... Razz

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