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    Free Table and Couch for set use?

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    Free Table and Couch for set use? Empty Free Table and Couch for set use?

    Post  Lsells on Sun Feb 21 2010, 23:33

    Thought I'd give it an offer here before posting it up on CraigsList.

    If you're in need of some stuff for a set, I've got an over-stuffed couch with a couple rips in it. It's "clean" in the sense that it doesn't wreak of hideous smells that will cause people to run in fear or look for a gas mask. If anything, it can be covered or destroyed even more for whatever purpose. Non-smoking, no pet home if you've got actors sensitive to that sort of thing.

    I also have a round wood table with a glass top. Comes with 3 rolly-chairs. We had reupholstered the bottoms with a gold/yellow color which matches the new-mexico-esque back pillow (hideous things they are). This originally came from a heavy-smoking home, but it's been in our house for over 2 years now and has lost that smell (and the pillows were washed and fabreezed like mad). You could put a lamp under this table and it would make a great light table if you are in need of one.

    Of course, the 'why' always comes in as to why it's free. Basically, it's clutter and I'd like it gone. I'm not really in a huge hurry, but I'll give ya a week to contact me before I post it on CL and/or freecycle. If there's still no takers, into the trash they go. You'll have to haul, I don't have transportation.

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