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    3 to 3 project Empty 3 to 3 project

    Post  ScottD-lime on Tue Dec 08 2009, 18:24

    My name is Scott Benton, I am a proud member of the D-lime staff.

    I am starting the 3 to 3 project right here and right now. This is a call to all D-lime members, whether you be an artist, a film maker, a musician, a creative mind, D-lime staff, or just a person who is interested in all of the above.

    What I hope to accomplish is to spread the word of the people who make D-lime possible, you the people. I hope to bring people together and show them that people can come together and be united under something they all love.

    Here's the plan, if you are reading this then find three of the creative influences that are the beating heart of D-lime. Any three of the artists, the photographers, the musicians, the film makers, the authors, any three of the people who allow us to be here. Get to know these people, ask them who they really are, what gives them influence, but most of all become their friend. Then go out and talk about your new friends, find three people and tell them about D-lime, tell them about the amazing friendships you have built with your D-lime companions. Tell them about the amazing music they make, tell them about their photography, tell them who your friends are. It is important that we the people of D-lime let the whole world know who we are and what we stand for.

    D-lime is a community in its infant stages consisting of some of the most amazing and brilliant creative minds I have ever met in my life. Now its our job to nurture this community, expand it, and spread the word. So get out there and help D-lime become the unifying force we all want to be apart of.

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