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    Any anime fans?


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    Any anime fans? Empty Any anime fans?

    Post  forcetemplar9737 on Sat Dec 05 2009, 21:09


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    Any anime fans? Empty Re: Any anime fans?

    Post  FocusX on Sun Dec 06 2009, 02:42

    If anyone has any questions or thoughts on any kind of anime out there, james would definitely be the one to ask! pirat Keep holdin' it down big man!!! cheers Tell them about some of your favorite anime's, and why! You might inspire a few to actually wanna start checkin it out! farao

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    Any anime fans? Empty Re: Any anime fans?

    Post  Jizzle D. FreQ on Thu Dec 10 2009, 19:08


    Have you ever seen FLCL? that one is the best one I have seen to date

    and not to mention that it is totally effing random Very Happy clown

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    Any anime fans? Empty Re: Any anime fans?

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